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Dear Diary,

Today I did laundry. It was amazing. Amazingly painful.

First I went to the laundromat because I hate using the machines at my apartment. The last time I used the machines here, I stupidly added bleach to the wash and then the machine wouldn't turn on.

So now I have a bunch of underwear that looks like cow print. I also ruined my Rag and Bone shirt that I bought because of James Bond. Yeah... that sucked.

So I get to the laundromat and you know what they are fucking doing these days???


It was 8:25 when I went in and the last load is at 8:30 (Yes I cut it close.. I didn't know. The internet said they closed at 10pm and I thought I had enough time. ANYWAY... the lady points to the clock on the wall and it said 8:45. WHAT THE FUCK. It wasn't just one clock either... they changed the time on multiple clocks. PFFFFT...

Oh well. Teach me to be poor and not own my own laundry machine I guess?

The machines at my apt. worked though and so this entire thing took me like three hours.

What a pain in the dick. Bright side... when I do laundry I allow myself to play my Switch because it feels like such an ordeal so I give myself a little treat. I'm playing a game called "THE LETTER" right now. I just finished the first character's story. IDK how I feel about this game. So much could be improved but it's a welcome experience compared to DEATH MARK. What a fucking horrible game that is. ugh...

So uh.. what else. I'm STILL working on this website. I finished the Kickstarter and it was approved so I'll launch that soon. Hopefully it goes well.

What else what else... IDK. I'm thirsty. I think I'll make another pot of coffee even though it's five in the morning. Maybe I'll keep working on this website. IDK why I'm even writing this, who the fuck is actually going to read my blog?


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